Today, Ben Loyola expressed his disappointment over House Bill 961’s passage out of the Virginia House Committee on Public Safety this morning.

“Everything Democrats are doing in Richmond, they will do in Washington if they take over, and Congresswoman Elaine Luria is all onboard with their radical agenda,” Loyola said. “Yesterday, Senate Democrats in Richmond advanced right-to-work repeal. Elaine Luria supports the bill to repeal right-to-work nationally. Today, House Democrats in Richmond advanced legislation to ban millions of firearms. Elaine Luria is a co-sponsor on the federal bill. We must send Elaine Luria home in November!”

“More than 95 percent of Virginia localities have passed resolutions standing up for our Second Amendment rights, but the will of the people is unfortunately being ignored by the far-left Democrats,” Loyola added. “Even more disturbing was the decision by the House of Delegates Committee Chairman to remove all citizens from the room after they expressed their disapproval with the vote. They have just as much contempt for our First Amendment rights as they do for our Second Amendment rights!”

Ben Loyola and his family fled Communist Cuba for America when he was just two years old. He gave back to his country through 30 years of service in the United States Navy, retiring at the rank of Captain. As the founder and owner of Loyola Enterprises, Ben has continued to provide vital support to our military, equipping them with state-of-the-art simulation, cyber security, information technology, and knowledge management for training, analysis, and operations. Ben is once again answering the call to service. As Congressman, Ben will protect the American Dream that has been so central to his own story and deliver results for the 2nd District.