May 21, 2020

BREAKING: Ben Loyola Wins Second District Republican Candidate Forum

Ben Loyola was the clear winner in last night’s candidate forum. The forum was hosted by the four Republican Women’s Clubs in Virginia Beach and gave the three Republican candidates running for the Second District seat the opportunity to share their platforms and views on many important issues. Ben Loyola stood out as the only candidate with the knowledge, experience, and viability to defeat Elaine Luria.

“I’m the only candidate who can win and take back this seat,” Ben Loyola said in his opening remarks. “We have a broad coalition and I’m the only candidate with over 40 endorsements from elected officials across Hampton Roads.”

The questions covered a wide range of topics, including abortion, the economy, healthcare, immigration, national security and others. On these and other issues, Ben Loyola pulled from the reservoir of his personal and family experiences.

Defending his belief in the sanctity of human life, Ben talked about witnessing the “amazing miracle” of the birth of his children and contended that all human life is precious and possessing of constitutional and God-given rights.

On the Second Amendment, Ben shared the lessons of his family’s experience in Cuba. “I was born in a communist country and the first thing Fidel Castro did was take people’s guns away,” Ben said. “The only way he was able to do that was Batista, the president before him, before the Revolution had a registration program, and so it was very easy for him to go in and confiscate the guns.”

On healthcare, Ben talked about witnessing the devastating effect of Obamacare on him and his fellow small business owners. “As an employer I’ve experienced firsthand the problems with our healthcare system. I saw the Affordable Care Act and the devastating effect it had on individuals.” Ben shared. “When that came out the premiums on my company doubled.” Ben reaffirmed his support of free market solutions to healthcare and his belief that individuals should have the same tax-deductible health savings account options that are currently only available to businesses, stating that “Only through competition will you have better services and a better product at a lower cost.”

On immigration, Ben talked about what he witnessed during his time in Central and South America and the impact it had on him. “I’m a naturalized citizen but I don’t hyphenate my name. I’m American and I served my great country,” Ben began. He talked about the long lines of people he witnessed at American embassies applying to come to the United States legally when he was Commanding Officer of Naval Forces South in Central and South America. He also talked about the illegal immigration he witnessed in Nogales at a border processing facility, with as many as 137,000 people being processed, many of whom carrying backpacks full of cocaine and marijuana because the cartels were using their desperation to bring drugs into the country. Ben affirmed his belief that we need a secure border and an orderly process for those who want to come here, especially those who can add to our economy- a “tall walls and big door” approach.

Ben shared about how his military service informed his views on national security. “I’ve served in combat and served under a great Commander-in-Chief, President Reagan,” he said. “We took out Muammar Gaddafi’s military in about a day and a half because we were ready, we were there, he attacked us first, we responded, and the President said ‘take ‘em out’ and we did.  Peace through strength works.”

Some of Ben’s strongest moments came when he discussed why he is the only candidate who can win in November. “You need a candidate that can take that battle. You can’t have the baggage and challenges that other candidates have,” he said. “We lost this because of decisions individuals made that brought a problem to the district and we need a true, honest, hardworking, professional candidate that’s going to take that fight to Elaine Luria and I’m that candidate.” When Ben contended in his concluding remarks that Luria won in 2018 because “our previous Congressman failed in his duties and played with the federal election laws,” Taylor interrupted him and accused him of defamation. Ben continued unphased by the interruption and stated “had my campaign members sign a code of conduct to ensure our campaign members are operating professionally and properly like I make sure all my employees do and make sure we are running a tight, solid race and firing on all cylinders.” Ben warned that there’s “a lot at stake… and we cannot allow a Democrat to take this.”

Throughout the forum, Ben Loyola came across as the strongest candidate in his knowledge of the issues, experience, and electoral viability. He was calm and collected and professional throughout. Viewers appeared to agree that Ben won the forum. The Facebook feed was aflush with positive comments about his debate performance including “You absolutely have my support Ben,” “Congrats Ben. Great answers!” “I’m voting for Ben!!!” “Ben by a landslide,” and many others.

Ben Loyola and his family fled Communist Cuba for America when he was just two years old. He gave back to his country through 30 years of service in the United States Navy, retiring at the rank of Captain. As the founder and owner of Loyola Enterprises, Ben has continued to provide vital support to our military, equipping them with state-of-the-art simulation, cyber security, information technology, and knowledge management for training, analysis, and operations. Ben is once again answering the call to service. As Congressman, Ben will protect the American Dream that has been so central to his own story and deliver results for the 2nd District. For more information about Ben Loyola and his strong grassroots campaign, please go to www.benloyola.comand deliver results for the 2nd District. For more information about Ben Loyola and his strong grassroots campaign, please go to