May 4, 2020

COVID-19 Actions Show Ben Loyola is the Candidate Virginia’s Second District Needs

Since the COVID-19 pandemic shut down Virginia’s Second District along with most of the country, Ben Loyola has refocused his campaign efforts in four critical ways that demonstrate his leadership.

First, Ben Loyola has provided informational resources on his website to help Virginians. This includes a list of small businesses in and around the Second District that residents can support through their purchasing power, information about reserved shopping hours for seniors and other at-risk individuals, and instructions on how residents can create their own face masks and shields.

Second, Ben Loyola has utilized the 3-D printers of the company that he built and owns to make dozens of face shields and masks which he donated to healthcare workers at Sentara General Hospital in Virginia Beach. “We’ve got to help out and people have got to step up,” Ben Loyola told the Daily Caller when they reached out to him about his masks. “We’re doing our small part.” Loyola also elaborated on these efforts in an interview with Bearing Drift.

Third, Ben has more than compensated for the inability of campaigns to do in-person events at this time by doing two weekly joint Facebook Live Town Halls in partnership with various leaders in the community. This week, Ben Loyola will be doing a Facebook Live Town Hall on Thursday evening at 7pm with Selecta Radio Owner and Virginia Beach School Board Candidate Luis Cortes along with the past President of the Filipino American Community Action Group, Nony Abrajano. Ben Loyola has the support of more than 40 past and present elected officials in state and local government across the Second District as well as many other community leaders.

“The fact that so many leaders have rendered their support to Ben Loyola and are willing to participate in bi-weekly virtual town halls with him demonstrate his ability to build a broad coalition and partner with leaders at every level of government,” Campaign Spokesman Peter Finocchio said. More information about Ben Loyola’s upcoming Facebook Live Town Halls as well as recorded past broadcasts can be found on his Facebook page at

Finally, Ben has continued to lead through his participation in community events. On Sunday he joined forces with La Selecta, Sentara Healthcare, the Urban League of Hampton Roads, and several other community organizations and elected officials from both parties to provide free face masks, toilet paper, COVID testing, and other necessities to hundreds of residents in our community.

“The true test of leadership is how a person handles crisis,” Finocchio added. “Through his many actions to help our community navigate the crisis of coronavirus, Ben Loyola has shown he is the candidate Virginia’s Second District needs.”

Ben Loyola and his family fled Communist Cuba for America when he was just two years old. He gave back to his country through 30 years of service in the United States Navy, retiring at the rank of Captain. As the founder and owner of Loyola Enterprises, Ben has continued to provide vital support to our military, equipping them with state-of-the-art simulation, cyber security, information technology, and knowledge management for training, analysis, and operations.

Ben is once again answering the call to service. As Congressman, Ben will protect the American Dream that has been so central to his own story and deliver results for the 2nd District.

For more information about Ben Loyola and his strong grassroots campaign, please go to