Ben Loyola is a U.S. Navy Veteran, successful businessman, and devoted father who is dedicated to bringing common-sense conservative representation and limited government back to Washington, DC. From humble beginnings, Ben watched his mom and dad build a business and pursue the American dream. Ben, wanting to give back to his country, earned a nomination to the U.S. Naval Academy and went on to serve in the Navy for 30 years ultimately retiring as a Captain. While on active duty Ben flew several combat missions in support of operations against Libya. Ben started a completely new phase of his life by successfully beginning a business out of a spare bedroom in his house. Through his business, he has created hundreds of jobs and has lived the American dream. Ben has experienced a Communist government and understands that limited government is the only way we can truly be free. Loyola Enterprises is a certified Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB). In Congress, Ben will be committed to cutting regulations, limiting the scope of government, advocating for affordable healthcare, and bringing conservative representation back to the 2nd District.
Ben founded Loyola Enterprises in 1991 and understands what it takes to run a successful business. Ben started his small business from scratch, has signed both the front and back of paychecks and has experienced the challenges of leading a business to succeed in this highly over-regulated climate. Ben personally knows that decreased regulations, pro-growth economic policies, and limited government allow businesses to flourish. That’s why in Congress, Ben will stand for less regulation and fight for free-market principles.
The experience of Ben's family in Communist Cuba showed him from an early age just how precious the right to bear arms truly is. When seeking to cement their control over the masses, totalitarian regimes always come first for the guns. This is how it was in Cuba, when Castro’s regime coined the phrase “Armas? Para que?” (“Guns? For What?”). The Cuban people remember it as “Pan para armas” (“guns for bread”). In other words, “You give us your guns; we’ll give you food.” Even Ben's father, who was an officer in the Cuban Navy, was not exempt from Castro’s gun confiscations. Thankfully, we live in a country where our Founding Fathers had the wisdom to ingrain the right to bear arms into our Constitution as an inalienable right. As a gun owner and a veteran, Ben strongly supports the Second Amendment and will oppose any efforts to undermine the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Virginians and Americans.
As a Veteran and a defense contractor, Ben understands that a strong national defense is vital to protecting our great nation. Having served in the Navy as a Captain, Ben knows from experience that a well-equipped, well-educated and well-trained warrior is what makes the United States military the best in the world. As technology continues to evolve on many fronts, so do the needs of our military. Ben strongly supports President Trumps’ efforts to expand and fund our military. When Ben is in Congress, he will support military funding, champion advancements in technology, and bring a unique expertise that allows him to advocate for the military needs of the future.
As a Navy Veteran, Ben has experienced firsthand the cost of freedom. We need to take care of the people who have helped protect the greatest county in the world. That’s why reforming the Veterans Administration will be a top priority for Ben in Congress. Ben has experienced the long wait line, the burdensome processes, and the unnecessary regulations. Our veterans deserve better! In Congress, Ben will cut the red tape and will find workable solutions that will support our nations' veterans.
As a husband and a father, Ben understands that healthcare is the number one concern to most families. Ben wants every family to have affordable healthcare, their choice of doctors, and a health insurance plan that fits their needs. Ben has experienced that small businesses’ healthcare plans are the most impacted by an overreaching government. That’s why Ben supports a conservative free-market healthcare plan that brings choice and competition to the healthcare marketplace. Ben knows that American families do need protections when it comes to preexisting conditions and the high cost of prescription drugs. However, we do not need the government to control our insurance plans or over-regulate the healthcare market place. In Congress, Ben will fight to keep the government out of healthcare and encourage competition in the healthcare market place to ensure low prices for American families.
As a business owner, Ben has felt the direct impact of lower taxes and cutting government red tape. When taxes are cut, jobs are created. Since Congress passed the President’s tax cuts, millions of jobs have been added to our economy, wages have increased, and our markets are thriving. As your Congressman, Ben will fight to protect these tax cuts, cut regulations, and help create more jobs.
At two years old, Ben and his mother escaped Communist Cuba and came to America with only one piece of luggage to their name. Ben’s father, who earlier escaped Cuba, through hard work and ingenuity was able to pay for his wife and son to get to America. As a naturalized citizen with a background in national security, Ben knows we have work to do to reform our immigration system. As a son of legal immigrants, he understands that America’s free market system is the best in the world. We have to streamline our immigration to allow for economic growth. We need to have an immigration system that is effective, uses the most current technology available, and rewards immigrants who want to come here legally. We also need to enforce the rule of law. In Congress, Ben will advocate for an increased physical border, support our ICE agents, and push for an overhaul of our current immigration process.
As a father, Ben knows the importance of having good education for our children. Ben also was appointed and served on the Virginia Public School Authority. Virginians and local governments make the best decisions for our children, not unelected bureaucrats in Washington DC. In Congress, Ben will fight to bring local control to our education system.
Farming and agriculture are a way of life on the Eastern Shore and in many parts of our district. Ben understands the value and importance of this industry to Virginia’s economy. Farmers and fishermen are the best stewards of the land and waterways, and government regulations should not interfere with common-sense practices. As our Congressman, Ben will ensure our farmers and fishermen have the resources they need to be successful. Ben will also fight to keep the government out of the way and preserve our way of life on the Eastern Shore.
As a leader in the science and technology industry, Ben understands how important this sector is to our community, our national security, and our economy. Ben knows that threats move at a rapid pace in our world today, and the innovations to combat these threats must do the same — that's why Ben is dedicated to investing in science and technology to ensure that America remains the leader in technology and innovation in the world marketplace. Places like NASA Wallops Island, NASA Langley, Yorktown Weapons Station, and Naval Air Station Oceana depend on leading-edge technology. Bringing technology to the Hampton Roads area brings better-paying jobs that make America safer. Ben has worked in this field for years, and in Congress, he will make science and technology a funding priority.