This morning, I’m writing to you from my home office where I’ll be working and campaigning for the foreseeable future.

These are unprecedented times, and the uncertainty of what will unfold over the weeks ahead has our nation collectively holding its breath.

But, in an effort to not stay too distance, I wanted to take this chance to check in and offer this simple message: I hope you and your family remain healthy and safe during this storm we are weathering.

In that vein, I wanted to quickly talk about staying healthy, safe and prepared as we work together to beat the coronavirus.

First, PLEASE, stay at home as much as possible. I cannot stress this point enough.

If you MUST go out, remember to always practice social distancing — which means keeping about six feet distance — and no handshakes or hugs.

When picking up supplies or groceries, please, take only what you need. Hoarding puts an immense strain on the supply chain and negatively affects many others who may be in need. Finally, a reminder to wash your hands often and thoroughly.

While I know you have heard these points a thousand times, we MUST follow these recommendations to help slow the spread of COVID-19, flatten the curve of infections, reduce the strain on our healthcare system, and snuff out the coronavirus.

For more updates and helpful advice on how to stay healthy, please check out the CDC updates HERE.

If you would like to chip in and help Team Loyola stay in the fight, you can make a secure donation at

Stay Safe. My Thoughts Are With You And Your Family.

— Ben